Our SOCIAL BALLROOM & LATIN DANCE EVENTS are one of the greatest tools we can offer our students in achieving their dancing goals, it's a wonderful opportunity to meet and observe students from other studios, and the opportunity to see just how far your own dancing can go. These events are a 'don't miss' for dance fans in New York. Join our exciting social dance parties including dinner, entertainment, a professional dance show, social dancing for you and your friends. The lights are dimmed and the music is cranked up! This is a great way for you to practice your new moves and use your skills. At times we have themed dance parties complete with live music, catered food and dance exhibitions, which inspirational and fun to watch. No matter what your skill level, you are welcome to join and encouraged to participate. Through the years the parties continue to be our most popular activity.

Want to fulfill that urge to be in the spotlight? Then SHOWCASES are the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dream! Throughout a year, we provide our students with an exciting performance experiences, chance to shine in front of family and friends, presenting the result of a year's hard work, dedication, and progress. One of our students' favorite events in the year!

Apply your classroom studies in a competitive setting! Lessons in social dance are a fun, healthy activity for everyone. Lessons in competitive ballroom dancing are not only fun but also physically and mentally challenging. Want to compete but don’t have a partner? Pro/Am may be the perfect option for you. Most of our students compete in pro-am competitions. Pro-am is the best way to get involved in the world of competition without having to find a partner. In this type of competition, students dance with their teachers and are judged against other students.

Pro-Am Competitions

For students who wish to compete but do not have a partner we offer the opportunity to compete with your teacher in Pro-Am (teacher-student) competitions. These NDCA* sanctioned competitions take place both locally and nationwide. You decide how often and where you want to compete.

(*) NDCA is the governing body of ballroom dancing in US