A few words about Ballroom Palace - Dance Studio

A few words about us

Welcome to Ballroom Palace Dance Studio

Ballroom Palace dance studio located in the heart of NYs historic Roslyn Village, has the magic that sets it apart as the leading dance studio in Long Island, and proudly been home to the World Champions as well as contestants from popular TV shows "Dancing with the Stars" and "SYTYCD". With many of the incredible professionals in-house, we guarantee the best quality ballroom and Latin dance instruction!


Ballroom Palace Dance Studio opened in the spring of 2013 and quickly became known as the Dance Training Center of Long Island. We specialize
in social and competitive ballroom dance for all ages and abilities. We offer dance instruction for both kids & adults through private, group, and practice
lessons. Our goal is to provide a world-class quality learning experience at the most affordable prices! Whether you seek the best training for competition, or
just a fun way to get fit and add more passion into your life, then Ballroom Palace Dance Studio is the right place for you. Our studio creates warm and friendly
atmosphere, where you can come in and forget about the stresses of your day and just have a great time learning popular dances while having the opportunity to make new friends and participate in the healthiest sport ever! Every month, there are over 100 group classes, nightly practice sessions and social parties. Upscale dinner dance, showcases, travel dance competitions and more are a great way for our students to get involved with our studio and the community. Ballroom Palace is truly a great place to learn something new, gain more confidence, and meet new people. Join us today and become a better dancer!



Learn to dance from teachers with exceptional skills and professional experience. We teach Ballroom dance, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Waltz and All forms of social and competitive dancing. Whether it is to become socially confident, or to become that star performer, at Ballroom Palace, students can expect to dance at their highest possible level! We have a world class, superior choice of instructors that dont just teach steps they teach you how to dance. Let them help you have the time of your life. Discover your hidden talent, get inspired and dance with the rest of us! Meet Our Instructors


Throughout a year, we provide our students with an exciting performance experiences, chance to shine in front of family and friends, presenting the result of a year's hard work, dedication, and progress. Get out and be part of the fun, meet new people through the universal language of dance. Dance lessons will get you out on the dance floor with your friends or maybe you'll catch the eye of that special someone. Treat yourself to some dancing!


Dance lessons are a worthwhile investment in fun, fitness, improved personality and new friends! It's never too late to start, there is no age limit! When you dance, you improve your cardiovascular system, increase muscle tone and burn calories. Its fun, good exercise, theres always something new to learn and the opportunity to make new friends in a pleasant atmosphere. Dancing has a physical and emotional effect on the body and makes you not only happier, more beautiful, healthier, but even makes you smarter! Dance your way to a healthy body and happier lifestyle!


As an invitation to Ballroom Palace dance studio, you are entitled to a free private lesson. Singles and couples are welcome! You may simply call the studio at 516-801-1682 or registerhere.

See our Calendar for the full Schedule of our Classes, Social Dances, Practice Sessions, Parties and Shows, Competitions, Showcases, and other Special Events.

Special Events

Ballroom Palace also provides quality studio space for rentals catering to dance rehearsals, socials, fitness classes and birthday parties. (Please check the Studio Rentals for details.)


  • Learn Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Salsa lessons, other Latin dance, ballroom dancing, and much more.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of dancing, including improving your health and social life.
  • Strengthen your dance skills with each lesson. No partner necessary!

  • Compete in glamorous competitions.
  • Create magical moments at your wedding reception with our customized wedding program.
  • Get your children involved through our dance lessons for kids and teens. Plus we offer fun through dance with childrens birthday parties!

Check our SCHEDULE!

Thank you very much for visiting our web site and hope to see you on our dance floors! Experience the Magic.